Best free online astrology / tarot / psychic reading for 2010 ?

Question by : Best free online astrology / tarot / psychic reading for 2010 ?
I would like to get a prediction on my love relationship + friendship & health life for 2010!
I have always been interested in astrologie, but I have never done something like tarot reading or explaining astrological signs by a medium before.
So I have decided to try it out. Is there anyone who can advice me where to find good, trustworthy online psychics or astrologers???

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Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Honestly, I cannot trust any of the online only psychics. Although there are most likely some good people working for the big websites, you have no way of telling if they are qualified or even ethical.

I would suggest finding a local psychic. New Age bookstores usually have them on staff or they can recommend them.

I do phone readings but I am a single business and have formal education in Metaphysics. I am not here to promote myself and that has not influenced how I answered your question.

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