Can anyone give me a free psychic or tarot reading?

Question by : Can anyone give me a free psychic or tarot reading?
PLEASE NO RUDE OR DUMB ANSWERS!!! I want some answers about my “potential” relationship with someone I have strong feelings for and about my life also. I would truly appreciate if someone could help me

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Answer by Lauren
You will find your soul mate tomorrow at 12.30. However unfortunately they will be eaten by a crocodile on the 2/6/2013. Sorry about that but your fate has been decided and you can’t do anything to change it. Good luck!

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Scenes from a bus stop

Image by Maxine Sherrin
How many bogus claims can one make?

1. Brazilian (Pain Free). Hmmm, unless they’re illegally giving people general anaesthetic, "I don’t think so".

2. Cellulite Reduction. Hey, I can give you this advice for free – cellulite is fat. spend a bit less time sitting around on the couch eating and a bit more time doing some exercise and you will get miracle results!

3. Tarot Reading. This takes the cake. What sort of poor weak minded individual would put any weight into the words of some charlatan sitting out the back of a beautician??

Poor Descartes! I’m so glad he’ll never have to wait for the 380 bus near the cinemas on Oxford St.

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