Can anyone give me a free tarot reading please?

Question by Cake!: Can anyone give me a free tarot reading please?
I need a tarot reading on matters of love please:
Date of birth: October 2nd 1993
Birth time: 12:55 am
(If you don’t believe, please don’t answer thanks)

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Answer by justin
Well, I’m getting something…. I’m getting something… 1 Sec…. I’m getting something… Is… Thislove.. For…A…Person? I get a feeling you have a brown dog? or a brown dog on your street you see a lot or in the Family?.. And you have many concerns on women and guys?? But you Like women more? You have a Facebook? And you also have a Yahoo Mail… You seem to have a Yahoo Answers Account too. Mhm, not to hard. You will fall in love at the age 20, on April 12th around 1:12:16PM Hope this helps.

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