does anyone know of any free psychic sites?

Question by Jojo: does anyone know of any free psychic sites?
I use to go to the new age store web site where they use to have psychic answer section, but has not been there for 3 yrs now…and i miss chatting to a psychic lady there named amanda! if anyone has info please holla…cheers x

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Answer by Jessica they don’t ask for a credit card just enter your info like email and phone number and you get 6 mins free. Try Isabella I found her to be so sweet and right on target. She gave me clear answers. I will definetly return and pay for her services. Good luck! You can also try many psychic sites that offer the first 5 mins for free without purchasing minutes. But you can’t really rely on those sites, can’t really tell who is real and who is just out for your money. It takes alot of searching to find a psychic who is genuine and out to help you. Try searching professional psychic mediums, ones that are certified ect…

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