free psychic?

Question by Michael: free psychic?
i am looking for a website that has a free psychic on it. i don’t want to sign up or anything. i just want to talk to another psychic for a second opinion. my moms friend who is a psychic earavoyant. she can hear ghost’s. one of them told her i was a channeler. i already had a idea that i was due to the fact that ghost’s come to me.
can someone please give me a site or a second opinion?
thank you judy. i finally have a good site.

i guess i should return the favor. i go on this site a channeler. you can not get reading‘s there but it’s good for learning.

watch out for saturn he’s a bit touchy. lol.

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Answer by purpleWitch in a hazelAtheist II
I don’t think it would be easy to find a free one. Personally i attend a new age type festival once a year, and up on stage is a psychic/medium, you can sit and watch him for half an hour for free, and he may pluck you out of the crowd, you can also speak to him afterwards when he’s finished.

The best you’re going to get is to talk to your friends mum again or if you know of anyone else in REAL life who is also psychic.

It’s highly expensive to find out what you want to know from a complete stranger. And on this forum you may get a whole bunch of silly answers or things like ‘stay away from the tool of satan!’

Good luck.

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