How to read tarot cards?….?

Question by TheRedEnigma: How to read tarot cards?….?
I have the meanings of the cards down… i just want to know other ways to lay them out so i can get an accurate reading. Is there a website that can help me with this that you know of? Or if you do know can you tell me…

I tried looking around on the net but, all i found was a bunch of websites that want you to buy software…. And no… i’m not buying cause your not suppose to charge to read tarot cards

so plz no websites that tell me to buy something… and if you don’t believe in tarot cards.. don’t leave me any messages saying so… and don’t leave me any god is great crap… i don’t believe in god.. so don’t try to convince me…

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Answer by PaulCyp
An accurate reading??? 🙂 From a stack of cardboard??? Yeah, right.

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