Serious Question. I am being stalked by another woman in my work. What should I do?…..?

Question by Blue Tiger: Serious Question. I am being stalked by another woman in my work. What should I do?…..?
I work on a psychic line for a living. Everything is kept confidential for both operator and caller.
I started getting calls from a woman seemingly ok at first. We got on well, and I liked her.She was telling me of her loved one overseas and wanted to see him. Some weeks later, her whole story changed. She had a boyfriend in hr own town. Totally didnt want to talk about the other BF. Her story was all over the place. I told her so but persisted with her. She was ringing very early every morning. Then she discovered I was part of a management team, and could call me direct on the work phone without paying for the call. she kept doing this over a week. I put her off after the first time but she persisted.When she knew I wouldnt chat for free, she would put calls on her CC. She was pumping ME full of personal information. Now shes paying to get it. Work banned her, and told me to ignore her. She still rings me constantly, knowing she cant. Im FREAKED out here. Can anyone help?
I forgot to mention, she is unemployed and tells me she has been on a mental disability pension for years.
Thanks for all the answers so far. Unfortunately, we can not change the phone number or switch offices. I work from home, and retreive these numbers to go to my home line each night. She can NOT get my Private home number as it is silent.
Also, I refuse to give in to her, or ask to be taken off shift, and loose wages over her. The boss is informed of EVERYTHING she does. She actually rang me AGAIN just a while ago for the 2nd time.First time a hang up. The next call, she offered information for me to ring a number, to change employment.She wants me to leave my job and work somewhere else. 2nd time she has done that now too. Ive reported it to the boss and will ask the police what I can do in this cercumstance.Will get a call from my boss later today with more instructions!

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Answer by melindora
report it to the police, they might be able to get her the help she needs.

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