Tarot reading online ?

Question by barley: Tarot reading online ?
can someone see..pls what this year holds for me..or dotarotreading.. or any astrological..reading if possible ???

d.o.b – 07.16.1981

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Answer by Nadja
I have included a link below as a source for very detailed and FREE online tarot readings. Choose the horoscope reading and it will give you a complete 13 card reading.

I have just done a reading for you and here‘s what I am seeing:

The overall theme of this year is one of:
being honest and forthright combined with some negative energies such as weakness, addiction, or obsession.

Your challenge or obstacle for this year is:
sticking to a plan, taking a leadership role and setting standards

What you can achieve this year is:
the possibility of a new romance or even birth of a child

What you can work with this year is:
spirituality and intuitiveness (follow gut feelings)

What you are moving away from or has happened is:
experienced jealousy and stinging quarrels

In your future lies:
a surprise announcement (birth or marriage) – a celebratory announcement

Your attitude towards this year is one of:
news is coming, possibly an inheritance – your currently in a leadership role or exhibiting a charismatic attitude

The environment around you now is one of:
peace, harmony, and family bliss

Your fear for this years is one of becoming:
disillusioned, change of direction, pondering, exhausted

The outcome of this year or lesson to be learned this year is one of:
learning to let go, changing your mind, waiting for the best opportunity, putting others first and seeing things from a new perspective

I’d be interested to hear if any of it rings true for you. . .

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