What is the extent of Free Will after being given a Psychic reading?1?

Question by Barney_26: What is the extent of Free Will after being given a Psychic reading?1?
..for example I was told I would have another 3 relationships before I met the right guy for me, and have been told other stuff too, but every time I have a reading of some sort I am told about free will and ability to change the future, But how on earth do you do that?!! I someone can tap into your future, then wouldn’t it mean that that will happen?..It’s hard to explain but I think there is some contradiction here, otherwise what would be the outcome of a reading if it won’t happen anyway. And some may say you choose whether it happens or not but how do you know when to make that move that will change the course of the outcome?!

What do you think? Would there be a way to get this right guy sooner because I really cannot be bothered to wait another 3 relationships time before being with him… I’m not the type that likes short relationships and usually in relationships I give it 100%…so the idea that there will be another 3 before meeting the right one is not that great!!But the thought of free will is more comforting but I wonder if we get told that so we can relax about the prediction and allow the psychics or intuitive people room for mistakes, which then they can excuse for a change in the course of events by our free will!!

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Answer by The Nerd
this confusion is because all fortune tellers are full of bull crap. my main advice would be to completely stop going to any fortune tellers! they can’t help you. just leave them to their nonsense and go out and find the right man.

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