who here can give me a free pyschic or tarot reading?

Question by Charming Sociopath: who here can give me a free pyschic or tarot reading?
just wondering because most people charge and turns out just to be a scam. Can anyone help me witht this?
just want a little insight on my future.

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Answer by Gastounet
Not me dear. If’ it’s free than it’s no good.
Should you be willing to pay though…

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A Tarot Reading for my birthday

Image by wiccked
The decks here are Nicolettes Giant Rider Waite, my Animals Divine, and my own The Garden Path.
The cards I drew were
1. The Empress
2. Ace of Pentacles
3. Page of Pentacles
4. King of Swords
5. The Emperor
6. 8 of Pentacles
7. 3 of Swords
8. 2 of Swords
9. Strength

The positions indicate:
1. Previous influences that are ending or passing our of your life.
2. Accomplishments of the past year on which to reflect.
3. Issues, tasks, or goals carried forward from last year into the coming year.
4. Where you are right now.
5. New influences that will be coming into your life in the near future.
6. Challenges you may face in the coming year.
7. Goals that you can achieve in the coming year.
8. The overall focus of outlook for the coming year.
9. Your Birthday Gift – A blessing you will receive during the year.

If you read tarot, please feel free to add your own comments to this. If it makes a difference to you, this was done on Saturday 26th August, and my birthday is next wednesday, the 30th.

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